I look forward to having a discovery meeting with you.  This initial consultation/assessment can be conducted over phone, text, email or any other channel preferred.  My intention is that, during our meeting, I can:

  • Get a good overview of your business

  • Learn things that are important to you and your business

  • Find where you see yourself needing the most help and so forth


I''ll explain more about myself and Virtua One, how my service works and how it can work for you.  I will answer any questions you may have.  I look forward to meeting you and learning more about your business!

Step 1:  On-boarding

Moving forward, you will receive a New Client packet to begin your on-boarding process.


This packet includes:

  • Confidentiality/Non-Disclosure Agreement 

  • On-boarding Questionnaire, a proprietary assessment to help me gain insight of your working style and to determine an amicable & healthy working relationship.


‚ÄčOnce the information is transmitted, we can commence with the next steps in our partnership.  Service pricing will be discussed at the time of the on-boarding, where we will go over pricing packages suited for your needs.

Step 2:  Project Delegation

It is recommended that you create an  account in the Client Portal; a secured channel where you will submit task requests or upload delegated projects. It is where you would download completed projects.  Any corresponding communication regarding tasks or projects should be done through the portal as well.  I will check in with you to see where my support is needed.  Frequency will be determined.

Step 3:  Billing

Payment will be processed before release & upon completion of project.  Time Blocks are available for purchase.  Service reports which contain a breakdown of service and time devoted per project or assignment will be provided. 

Step 4:  Forecasting

We can evaluate the operations of your business and see how I can work alongside to help your business improve.  My proactive offer is to partner with you for your continued success.